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1: Clothes

2: What is your style of dressing? My style of dressing is… Ive got used to wearing something … I like clothes to be… I like to look… Its very rare for me to wear something… I try to avoid wearing … things.

3: elegant classical official elegant classical official stylish individual bright (special)

4: trendy casual simple trendy casual simple (fashionable) (ordinary) natural loud quiet

5: What do you take into account as far as clothes are concerned? The factor of prime importance for me is… What really matters to me is… What I really value is… Its important to mind… I cant but keep in mind… I mostly take into consideration… ( comfort, quality, fashion, price )

6: Comfort to feel comfortable to suit (fit) me to become to me to be easy to put together to be accepted by my peers to look an average teen to be an essential part of any teenagers wardrobe to look cool and tough to keep up with my friends

7: Quality Quality to invest in good quality clothes to buy things which go for years (last long) Fashion to keep up with the latest fashion to be in vogue to be up-to-date to be all the rage to be out of fashion to go out of fashion Price expensive cheap to afford

8: Whom do you support: fashion victims or comfort- (quality)- lovers? Whom do you support: fashion victims or comfort- (quality)- lovers? Are the brand-name or designers clothes worth the money? Do you like to show off ( to stand apart from the crowd, to differ from other people)? Who helps you choose clothes? Do you trust your mothers taste? Do you follow your friends advice? You should understand what suits a particular occasion. Do you agree? If you dress for work or studies ( for a beach holiday, for a party, for leisure, for an official occasion…)you should look … and so youd better put on…

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