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"Microsoft Office Word 2007" - презентации по Информатике


2: OFC335 Microsoft Office Word 2007 XML Programmability: True Data/View Separation and Rich Eventing for Custom XML Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Corporation

3: Agenda The world today (Microsoft Office Word 2003) Structural Integrity Content Controls Data/View Separation Microsoft Office XML data store XML mapping Conclusion Questions

4: The World Today Word 2003 was a major step forward: XML-based file format (WordprocessingML) Customer-defined schema support However, a big toolbox doesnt mean its easy to build a house You need XML schema, XSLT, client-side code, etc.

5: The World of Word 2007 Make it easier to push/pull customer data within Word documents How? Structural integrity (Content Controls) Provide content restriction, lockdown capability Data/view separation (Office XML data store) Place to store custom XML data in the new file format Each item is stored as a separate part within the package

6: Structuring a Document Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Word

7: Content Controls Evolution of customer-defined XML No XML schema required Provide friendly end user exposure of structured content Each provides unique content restrictions / user interface that doesnt affect layout Controls can be grouped to lock them down as a unit Controls can be mapped to XML data

8: XML Data Store / XML Mapping Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Word

9: Office XML Data Store Customer-defined XML (incl. WSS/Office doc props) stored separately from WordprocessingML as a part in Open XML format Any XML can be stored (with or without XML schema) XML data is available as an editable tree (using familiar DOM) within Word Can be populated on a server using WinFX or a client using Word OM

10: XML Mapping Link document controls to nodes in the XML data store Provides for true data/view separation model in Word Mappings are created using standard XPath expressions Mappings can be set up to auto-attach to incoming data Out-of-the-box support for mapping to Office properties

11: Mapping WSS Data Into Word Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Word

12: Mapping WSS Data into Word Word 2007 has native integration between the WSS property set and the XML mapping architecture: WSS properties are stored as items in the Office XML data store Properties can be mapped to content controls in the document WSS docs automatically get UI on the ribbon to do this mapping InfoPath property panel is synchronized with the data store

13: Client Side Programming Recommended approach: program directly against the data InfoPath or Office OM – your choice Word will automatically take care of the effects on the presentation via the XML mappings Use shared error board to communicate validation errors to the user Use controls OM if you need behavior for specific controls (e. g. to block user from exiting)

14: Using InfoPath for Client-Side Business Logic Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Word

15: Using Office OM for Client-Side Business Logic Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Word

16: Server Side Programming Recommended approach: Using WinFX to navigate the file format Adding a part is as simple as adding a single relationship Finding an existing part is done by namespace or GUID matching

17: Using Custom XML Data on the Server Tristan Davis Program Manager Microsoft Word

18: Related Areas In VSTO V3 Document control support in the Microsoft Visual Studio designer Integration with . NET data binding . NET programming model for the XML data store for document manipulation on client/server Leveraging the XML data store / new file format for VSTO solution storage

19: Conclusion Two main themes to Word 2007 for solution creation Make structured document more robust by providing controls and content groups Provide true data/view separation by providing custom XML data store Result: you have to write less code and your solutions are more reliable with Word as the editing environment

20: Key Takeaways Word 2007 allows for more granular control over structured data via content controls Specialized UI, Content restrictions, locking, etc. Word 2007 allows for separation of data and presentation via the Office XML data store Word 2007 allows for automatic two-way synchronization between data and view via XML mapping

21: Resources

22: The 2007 Microsoft Office System Clients. Servers. Solutions.



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