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The History of Britain. The history of fashion.

1: The History of Britain. The history of fashion.

2: Historical periods Questionnaire

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15: Questions for poll 1) What is being fashionable for you? 2) Do you think its important to follow the fashion? 3) What are your colour preferences in fashion? 4) What historical period influenced the development of English national suit most? 5) The dress of what historical period would you feel best in? 6) What historical period influenced the new tendencies in fashion in your opinion? 7) Imagine you are a fashion designer. What details of national costume would you choose for present day fashion? 8) What historical costume do you think suits the carnival most? 9) What historical costume is closer to a contemporary one? 10) Do you think the British national suit reflects national character of the English?

26: Conclusion So, having analyzed the answers of all participants of questionnaire, I have come to a conclusion: 1) To be fashionable means - to be stylish, and follow the new fashionable tendencies. But it is not necessary to follow the fashion blindly. 2) Every person has got his (her) own colour preferences in fashion. 3) The Victorian age has influenced the development of the English national suit most. 4) The person of today will feel himself (herself) more comfortable in the dress of the Age of the Enlightenment or Renaissance. 5) The twenty century has influenced the new tendencies in fashion most. 6) For the present day fashion you could borrow cylinder, corset, crinoline dresses. 7) The dresses of the eleventh and ninth centuries suit the carnival best of all. 8) The clothes of twenty century suit every day life most of all. 9) the History influences a fashion: time is flyers and everything is being changed – both opinions and values of people and fashion as well.

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