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Graphics tablet What is it?

1: Graphics tablet What is it?

2: What is it? This device allows to enter the drawing by hand directly into the computer. Consists of a pen and a flat tablet, pressure-sensitive pen or proximity. It may also be accompanied by a special mouse.

3: History The first graphics tablet was "Tele - autograph", patented Elisha Gray in 1888. The first graphics tablet, similar to a modern, used for handwriting recognition computer " Stylator " in 1957 Better known and are often mistakenly referred to as the first graphics tablet RAND Tablet also known as "Grafakon" (graphic converter), submitted in 1964.

4: History Other graphics tablet known as "acoustic tablet", the pen that was generated by a spark gap. Clicks triangulated series of microphones to locate the pen. The system was quite complicated and expensive microphones were sensitive to extraneous noise.

5: History Tablet popularized because of their commercial success in the mid-1970s - early 1980s. ID (Intelligent Digitizer) and produced BitPad Summagraphics Corp. The tablets were used as an input device for a variety of Hi-End CAD (Computer Aided Design) system connected to a PC and software such as AutoCAD.

6: History The first tablets for the consumer market called "KoalaPed. " Although they were originally designed for computer Apple II, eventually "Koala" has spread to other PCs. Then other companies began to release their tablet models.

7: Application Graphics tablets are used both to create images on a computer means as close to how to create the image on paper, and for the usual work with interfaces that do not require a relative input (though the input relative movements with a pen tablet and possible, it is often inconvenient). In addition, they are convenient to use for the transfer (rendering) of ready images to the computer.

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