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6: Pre-reading stage (matching task) Match the words with their definitions To recycle To reduce Waste To treat To refuse To reuse Scrap To mine To threw away Effort

7: While-reading Stage You are going to read the text about recycling. Your task is to choose the most suitable heading from the list A-I for each part (1-7) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. A. Straw vs. paper B. Recycled plastic C. Reusing glass D. Recycling metal F. The process of recycling G. Recycling tin cans H. The importance of recycling I. Recycling paper

8: Post-reading Stage Answer the following questions using the text. What is the problem described here? What is recycling? Why do American farmers prefer using paper to straw? What things can be made through the process of recycling? Why is recycling so important nowadays?


10: Vocabulary exercises Find the odd word out. 1. dustbin – cupboard – waste-paper basket – ashtray 2. tin – can – metal – plastic 3. waste – litter – glass – rubbish 4. response – reply – answer – question 5. reduce – involve – deflate – decrease

11: Fill in the appropriate word from the list. Use the word(s) only once. To be good To create To throw Scrap To be made To find out To pave Recycling

12: Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word(s) from the list below: Plastic Environmentally aware Recycling Environment Products Aluminium Decompose Disposing of Bottle banks


14: Saying Goodbye!

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