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1: Holidays

2: Christmas in Great Britain Every year there is a big Christmas tree in the centre of London, in…

3: Christmas in Great Britain A very big Christmas tree in the centre of London is a present from … to the people of Great Britain.

4: Christmas in Great Britain People put their present under the tree on . . .

5: In Britain, Santa Claus enters houses by climbing through the window by coming down the chimney through the front door. through the back entrance

6: Christmas in Great Britain Correspondence between the place and the things: On the Christmas treeToys Little colored lights Under the Christmas tree Colored balls Stockings Near beds Presents

7: In the old Christmas Song, there are 12 days of Christmas. The first day of Christmas is 25th December 15th December 6th December

8: A carol is a pie traditionally eaten on Christmas day a religious Christmas song a Christmas party with dancing

9: Which of these would you NOT see on top of a British Christmas tree? a star a fairy Santa Claus

10: A traditional Christmas pudding is made a week before Christmas on Christmas morning up to 3 months before Christmas

11: dinner British faFor Christmas milies usually have Beef Turkey Chicken Apples Soup Salami

12: Christmas in Great Britain The correct order of events: For Christmas lunch people eat turkey, potatoes and vegetables. Then they have tea Then they have the Christmas pudding

13: The correct chronological order is New year Mothers Day Easter Fools Day

14: Correspondence between English holidays and their dates. Christmas in April Easter on the 31st of October New Year on the 25th of December Mothers Day on the 31st of December/ 1st of January Halloween on the 26th of March

15: 11. The traditional food of thanksgiving Day is … . turkey- beef - pork -

16: 5. People usually … for the New Year. make promises

17: 3. Thanksgiving Day is an … holiday British - French - American Indian -

18: The English year Children get chocolate Ester eggs or rabbits on …

19: The English year On Halloween people say: Trick or treat April Fool! Happy New Year Merry Christmas

20: If you solve the rebuses youll find what presents Santa Claus has in his bag

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