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2: DO WE LIVE TO EAT? Do you know how much food you will eat by the time you are seventy –nine? 25 cows 9,000 litres of orange juice 40sheep 6,000 litres of mineral water 35 pigs 1,37 tonnes of apples 1. 200 chicken 768 kg of oranges 2,07 tonnes of fish 430 bags of carrots 5,05 tonnes of potatoes 720 kg of tomatoes 30,000 litres of milk 1,300 lettuces 13,000 eggs Hundreds of packets of coffee, 50,000 loaves of bread sugar,spaghetty 12,000 bottles of wine 8 kg of dirt

3: LAND OF THE FATTEST According to WHOWorld Health Organization Americans are the fattest people in the world. 55 of women and 63 of men over 25 are overweight or obese. Compared to Europeans, Americans eat all the time writes Joanna Coles, a British correspondent for the Guardian At the hairdressers, in their cars, during colleges lectures, at the cinema ,where they arrive clutching monster buckets of pop-corn, Doberman sized hot-dogs and containers(!) of diet Pepsi

4: The epidemic is spreading Though America is the world leader in obesity ,Europe is quickly catching up. According to WHO ,almost one-third of people living in the European Union are now overweight and one in 10 is obese. 20 of women and 17 of men in Britain is obese. And the English are fatter than Scots or Welsh! Russia, the Czech Republic and Finland also have some of the heaviest peole in Europe. Among the French ,Italians and Swedish the number of overweight people is dramatically rising.

5: WHY? We live in the era of fast food culture. We are always in a hurry. We have no time to relax and enjoy a meal. We want to eat now and we want to eat fast. Every day a new McDonalds restaurant opens somewhere on our planet. Another reason is a lack of exercise. We spend too much time in front of our computers and TV sets. We walk less. because we prefer to use cars or public transport

6: What is tasty is not always healthy Chips and pizzas are fattening Coca –cola spoils our teeth Coffee shortens our lives Obesity leads to heart disease. diabetes and stroke. Some scientists believe that food influences not only our bodies but our spirits as well. Foods with lots of additives, fat or sugar can make you violent and anti-social SO think twice before you start eating!!!

7: Being veggie is in More and more people nowadays become vegetarians A diet free from meat has all the vitamins ,minerals and protein you need. And you could live longer as a veggie! A vegetarian diet is not only healthier биt it is also kinder If you really care about animals- stop eating them!!!!

8: There is a danger hanging over your life! Teenagers are getting fatter. Obesity rates in teens are doubling!! Surveys show that the favourite foods among teenagers both in Europe and the USA are: hamburgers Chips Hot dogs Pizzas Ice cream BESIDES, teenagers in Britain spend 27 hours a week watching TV, playing computer

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