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Is it good to be young?

1: Is it good to be young?

2: Is it easy to be young? Why is the teens life difficult? What problems do teens have? What are the reasons of the problems? Who can solve the problems? How can the problems be solved? What can make teenagers happy?

3: Teens life is not very easy, nowadays. Many problems are associated with being young. Teens life is not very easy, nowadays. Many problems are associated with being young.

4: Young people want to enjoy life and be independent and be taken seriously, to express their individuality and do well at school, earn money and change the world for the best. The problem is that sometimes teens do not get what they want. As a result, teenagers try to rebel against the society and reject everything. That is why they have different problems. The reasons of these problems are rather various.

5: The reasons of the problems are:

6: By all means, a lot of the problems can be solved. By all means, a lot of the problems can be solved. If a teenager has any problem he can: Cope with it himself; Ask his parents or friends; Ask adults; Ask school; Ask the Government or special organizations.

7: To cope with problems Teenagers should Be given more rights; Have an opportunity to talk about their problems; Be free to decide sometimes; Should know they are cared for.

8: Sometimes teenagers can not cope with the difficulties and they: Get upset and depressed; Run away from the home; Can be sent to prison; Become drug or alcohol addicted; Can commit suicide.

9: But are there only problems in teens life? Teenagers are young and full of energy; They have lots of friends; Young people can choose any route they want; They are too young to see only bad sides of life.

10: Why is nothing ever easy? Why is nothing ever easy? Why are some boys so very sleazy? Why cant I have that brand new dress? Why am I under so much stress? Why don t my parents ever believe me? Why cant they ever see… Why do I feel so often unhappy? Why do they always wish I was still in a nappy? Why does my face feel like a block of lard? Why are all these years really hard? Theres a reason for all these problems and tears. Im going through my TEENAGE YEARS! A frustrated teenager, Scarborough

11: Growing up, doesnt it just suck? Growing up, doesnt it just suck? It seems to be full of constant bad luck? Zits? Bad hair days and putting on weight, So many reasons for your self – hate. But hey, youre alive, youre unique, youre so cool, Why do you always feel such a fool? Be true to yourself, forget all your faults, And youll soon be thinking much happier thoughts. Live life to the max and paint your town red, Who cares what people think and what theyre said? Dont let them win and make you feel bad, Cause people like that are really quite sad. So, enjoy your teens and have some fun, Your life has only just begun! Lauren, Romford.

12: Is it good to be young??? Is it good to be young???

13: Lets do some exercises: Answer the questions: What problems do teens have? Why do they have them? How can be the problems solved? What is your opinion about the problem of being young?

14: Fill in each gap with the given words. Change the word if you need. Teenagers have different (ambition). They want to be (to depend) and to be (take) seriously. Most of teens try to express their (individual). The main problems are family problems, school problems, (to discriminate) and (cruel). There are many ways of (to solve) them.

15: Continue the sentences: The best thing in being a teen is…. What worries teenagers is…. Being a teenager is…. . Adults complain about…… Its not true that…. The trouble is that….

16: Work in groups and discuss teens life from different point of views: Parents Teachers Correspondent Teenagers

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