A shape poem «better late than. . . » by Patrick Winstanley

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A shape poem «better late than. . . » by Patrick Winstanley

1: A shape poem «BETTER LATE THAN. . . » by Patrick Winstanley By Guretskaya Daria and Smolnikova Daria, group 0-18-46

2: BETTER LATE THAN. . . BETTER LATE THAN. . . Are you one of those punctual People who organises everything With precision? Utterly dependable Totally reliable wholly predictable. Or is your entire life lived in a state of Chaotic confusion? Rushing hither and Whence: late arrivals missed meetings Delayed departures and in your wake A trail of disappointment and despair I am the former; my wife the latter Hurry up, if we dont leave now Well miss the plane shouted Plaintively from the foot Of the stairs produced A sound of hurried Footsteps and Her muffled Response Hold On I Am Only Putting My make-up On, I promise I Wont be a jiffy. And I must just run a Brush through my hair And hurl some clothing into A suitcase. My fingers drummed On the bannister as I felt my anger Welling from deep within me, Ready? I asked, as I bounded into our bedroom I laid my hands upon her shoulders and I began caressing her neck as I repeated The question. Ready? Lordy, how many Times am I going to have to repeat this, Im ready when Im ready, not before Was the rather strangulated reply, The last words spoken by my dear Late wife before she departed.

3: Backgrounding means Aposiopesis in the title of the poem marked by suspension points (. . . ) demonstrates the narrator overcoming with anger, excitement. It is the famous proverb "Better late than never" that is often expressed with a degree of sarcasm, saying something positive but merely hinting at somebodys lateness.

4: Foregrounding means There are words and expressions relating to the thematic field of time and hurry, e. g. , "punctual", "rushing", "late", "missed", "delayed", "hurry up", "hold on", "I wont be a jiffy", "Ready?". It is noteworthy that the enumerations of certain traits of character ("Utterly dependable totally reliable wholly predictable. . . ") or of successive events (". . . late arrivals missed meetings delayed departures. . . ") are without commas, that helps to create the effect of being in eternal rush. The second enumeration is put in parallel structure with the line ". . . a trail of disappointment and despair. . . " that helps to highlight the idea that life is too short to be in a hurry.

5: Foregrounding means Asyndeton in the line 10 creates an effect of two separated spouses. A metaphor "strangulated reply" contributes to the idea of a drastic difference between the two spouses and between their emotional states that are antithetic to each other: while the wife is slow, her response is "muffled", the husband gets rattled as his ". . . fingers drummed on the bannister as (he) felt (his) anger welling from deep within (him). . . ", he "bounded into" their room which presupposes a high level of excitement. The antithesis is not only marked verbally but typographically. There is a gradation of negative emotions of husband: «My fingers drummed on the bannister as I felt my anger welling from deep within me, Ready?I asked, as I bounded into our bedroom I laid my hands upon her shoulders and I began caressing her neck as I repeated the question. Ready?»

6: Grammaticality Subject ellipsis in the last sentence "Was the rather strangulated reply. . . " contributes to a conversational tone so as to bridge the gap between the author and the readers.

7: Message It is evident that all the means in the poem make it clear that the message the author strives to convey is «Better never late».

8: Thank you for your attention!

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