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Competition Animals

1: Competition Animals

2: Welcome to our competition Today you will take part in the competition. You will have several tasks. For a right answer you will get a star. If tour answer is wrong, you wont get anything. At the end of the competition, youll count up all the stars you got and the team with the greatest number will be the winner of our competition.

3: Good luck!!!

4: The first task Guess the riddle

5: The second task translate the proverbs about animals and give Russian equivalents. 1. Curiosity killed a cat. 2. No bees, no honey. 3. To kill two birds with one stone. 4. Every family has black sheep.

6: The third task you must write down the names of the animals into two parts: domestic and wild.

20: The fourth task Start each sentence with a suitable creature: …can fly a great height. …can swim very long distance. …can run very fast. …can change skin several times a year. …can travel through the desert for long distance without water. …can eat fruit from tall trees. …can provide us with wool.

21: The fifth task Answer the questions: 1. What things can we teach the dog do? 2. How do you take care of pets? 3. How can we help our local zoo? 4. How should people protect the places where animals live?

23: The seventh task Give the plural form of the nouns.

24: Final Teacher: I am quite satisfied with your work at the lesson today. I am pleased with answers and your work . Thank you for lesson.

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