Composition, Semantics and Communicative Purpose

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Composition, Semantics and Communicative Purpose

1: Text: Composition, Semantics and Communicative Purpose

2: Text Definitions a complete speech act characterized by completeness (logical and semantic), written form, abstract model, delimitation into the title and SPUs, cohesion, and communicative intention Galperin; a continual succession of sentences centering on a common information purpose and characterized by semantic (topical) unity and semantic-syntactic cohesion Bloch; a social phenomenon, a basic unit of speech characterized by the topical, structural and communicative unity Moskalskaya.

3: Text: Composition Superstructure is the composition of the text (title, introduction, resume, the main episode, conclusion, etc. ) Van Dijk.

4: Fig. 1. Superstructure of a scientific article reporting on experimental research Fig. 1. Superstructure of a scientific article reporting on experimental research

5: Text: Semantics Macrostructure is a sequence of macro-propositions which are derived from propositions of the original text according to certain rules (macro-rules) -- integration, deletion, construction Van Dijk. E. g. , John went to Paris yesterday. He took a cab to the station. He bought tickets. He took the train to Paris. John went to Paris yesterday (macro-proposition).

6: Text: Communicative Purpose Primary division is based on the communicative direction of the component sentences: monologue sequencedialogue sequence (one direction)(two directions) cumulemeoccurseme (topical element)(exchange-topical element) The communicative unity is exposed in the communicative succession b/w text constituents (rheme theme): E. g. , She saw a boy. The boy was young.

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