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creatig by

1: creatig by

2: the early days the early days George was launched in 1990 when George Davies spotted a niche opportunity that no one else could see; for quality, value clothing ranges in supermarkets. George joined forces with ASDA - a British supermarket chain which retails food, clothing, general merchandise, toys and financial services. what does the future hold? The George brand has a fantastic heritage, built on great quality, style and value as well as customer loyalty and exceptional people who work for our business. Weve great opportunities on which to build on our foundations to deliver a great future. Our key focuses will be to continue to deliver a great service for our customers and great products to our stores. who are we looking for? Its a great working environment for people who have ideas, want their ideas to be heard, and want to get involved in delivering great success.

3: The George experience The George experience At George, we provide such chances by taking on Assistants who combine plenty of talent and potential with the ambition to learn quickly and work their way up. You can also join us on a Student Placement or Work Experience to see if the world of fashion retail is for you. Whatever you choose, youll enjoy working alongside creative people and getting your career off to a great start with a global fashion brand. George House - Student Placements Many universities offer sandwich courses that include a 12 month industry placement after two years of study. As a student this allows you to put your learning into practice within industry. At George, were committed to developing talent and skills within education. So, we offer a number of paid student placements each year in such areas as Buying, Design, Merchandising, Garment, Technology and Supply.

4: whats our mission? whats our mission? Our aim is to be the number one for volume market share in the UK by 2012. Well achieve this by: Constantly striving for excellence within all aspects of the business. Ensuring that fantastic products are delivered to our customers in a great shopping environment. Our colleagues delivering legendary service in stores. There are also areas of the business in which were investing; such as our global market and online shopping, both of which show fantastic potential.


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