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Creative heritage of F. W. Taylor and main provisions of Taylorism

1: Creative heritage of F. W. Taylor and main provisions of Taylorism. The presentation was made by Stroganova Alina, Kuznetsova Anastasia, Egorova Mariam.

2: Table of contents:

3: How did current management theories develop? Taylor said : «the best management is a true science, resting upon clearly defined laws, rules, and principles. » And «In the past, the man has been first; in the future the machine must be first»

4: Historical Perspective One of the earliest of these theorists – F. W. Taylor making people work as hard as they could 1909 - "The Principles of Scientific Management the idea of "a fair days pay for a fair days work. "

5: Taylorism Taylor developed four principles of scientific management - are also known simply as "Taylorism".

6: Taylors Experiment with Pig Iron In his research he had outlined what decreased productivity most of all: workers negligence; low safety standards at production which led to numerous injuries; poor work organization and distribution of resources; soldiering

7: Taylors Experiment with Pig Iron Taylor concluded from the experiment with pig iron: its absolutely necessary that only workers really capable of performing each specific task were employed; rule of thumb had to be substituted with a much more effective method – material reward; workers should be allowed enough rest and better work conditions.

8: Critiques of Taylorism What is Wrong with Scientific Management?

9: Quiz Who developed four main principles of scientific management? Answer: Frederick Winslow Taylor What is the main idea of his payment system? Answer: «A fair days pay for a fair days work» What is Scientific Management? Answer: Scientific management is an approach to management that analyses the work and looks for optimum ways to carry it out.

10: Quiz What does the rule of thumb mean? Answer:Its an accurate principle, based on practice rather than theory What is the difference between taylorists and modern methodologies? Answer:Taylorists break tasks down into separate steps and focuses on how each worker can do his task, modern methodologies prefer to examine the whole work in order to evaluate efficiency and maximize productivity.

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