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London: Places of interest

1: Places of Interest in London Достопримечательности Лондона

2: Answer the questions Do you like to read books? Are you playing at the moment? Does your sister want a computer? Is your brother listening to music? Do you go to school every day? Are your parents cooking the dinner at the moment?

3: Workbook Exercise 14 page 31

4: Workbook Exercise 15 page 32 Could you go to the theatre by yourself? – I want to stay at home. Look! Do you see that red bus over there? Do you like to try this dress? Do you need any help? No, thank you. Where is Mason? – He is having his breakfast. Listen! Barbara is singing! She has a beatiful voice.

6: Exercise 17 page 66. Listen and repeat. Trafalgar Square The Tower of London The Houses of Parliament Big Ben Westminster Abbey The Bloody Tower The White Tower Tower Bridge Buckingham Palace

7: Trafalgar Square Трафальгарская площадь

9: The Tower of London Крепость «Лондонский Тауэр»

11: The Houses of Parliament Здание Парламента

12: Big Ben Биг Бен

14: Westminster Abbey Вестминстерское Аббатство

16: The Bloody Tower Кровавая башня

17: The White Tower Белая башня

18: Tower Bridge Тауэрский мост

20: Buckingham Palace Букингемский дворец

22: Exercise 18 at page 66. Finish the sentences. Big Ben is a palace a bell a square 2. The Queen lives in the Tower of London Buckingham palace Windsor Palace

23: 1ый вариант 1ый вариант 1. Listen! My friend … the song. (sings, sing, is singing) 2. I … some problems at school. (have, has, am having) 3. They … to visit galleries and museums. (likes, are liking, like) 4. Where is mum? She (cooks, cooking, is cooking)

24: Hometask упр. 3 стр. 72 р/т упр. 20 стр. 33

25: Изучайте английский язык и путешествуйте по миру!

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