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London shops

4: London shops

6: What do you know about harrods? 1. According to the speaker many people go to Harrods… A-mainly to look and not to buy. B- to buy expensive clothing. C-to look for exclusive clothes.

7: 2. Harrods is impressive because…. . A- it is a luxury shopping center. B- it is huge. C- it is situated in the center of London.

8: 3. The speaker says it is easy…… A- to do shopping there. B- to get lost there. C- to choose what you like.

9: 4. If you get hungry while shopping in Harrods you can go to…. . A- the food Hall. B- one of the cafes. C- one of the restaurants.

10: 5. Here you can ………. . A- taste British cuisine. B- taste European cuisine. C- taste all kinds of cuisine.

11: Harrods has a big sale…. A- on Christmas Eve B- all the year round C- twice a year

12: Some more facts about shopping in London

13: Libertys

14: Books for cooks

19: Hometask for the next lesson: Tell about your favourite store (you may use the words from the Topical vocabulary p. 130)

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