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LONDONS' ATTRACTIONS A presentation made by pupil of 7th «А» class Samsonov Aleksey

1: LONDONS ATTRACTIONS A presentation made by pupil of 7th «А» class Samsonov Aleksey

2: The National flag of Great Britain

3: Great Britain An official name of the state is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or UK. It consists of four countries which are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their capitals are London (Eng. ), Edinburgh (Scot. ), Cardiff (Wal. ) & Belfast (Not. Ire. ). An official language is English. An official moneys are .

4: Where is London? London is situated on the island Britain & stands on the river Thames. Its spreaded for East to West is 52 km. and for North to South is 47 km. Government in London and Britain is Parliament (of French Language is speak).

5: London in Rome Empire Romes named London was Londinium. This was a town-port. Romes sold a different thing and swam in sea. They conquered beginning a modern Spain, North Africa, South Europe, Turkey and France and then Britain. Rome Empire was the strongest state. But in 476th year Rome Empire was destroyed, and then Londinium has named London.

6: The Houses of Parliament The Houses of Parliament founded a clocks of Big Ben, the house of Lords and Commons, the Commonwealth and strong walls. Counted all problems with kingdom here, in the Houses of Parliament. Nowadays the queen of Great Britain is Elisabeth II.

7: Big Ben This building is named of man who said that a lightning consists of «electricity». His named is Benjamin Franklin. He was famous man and said that the time is money. In the honor his named this building.

8: Birthday of kings and queens All kings and queens in Britain birth to the law of Edward VIIl. He birthed in November. The king was not pleased it. He think that those people who birth in June was happy people, therefore he made a law about birthday of kings and queens. Nowadays Elisabeth II spends her Birthday in June although she birthed in April.

9: Underground of London The underground of London was founded in 1888th year. And a Moscow «Metro» was in 1935th year. The underground of London is the biggest all over the world. It consists of 267 stations (in counting of 2007th year). It is this big that if to count the all trip it will be 400 km.

10: Trafalgar Square Trafalgar is the square in center of London on the place of Charring cross. It stand on the 3 streets. They name are Strand, Whitehall and Mall. Earl here named was Square of king Wilhelm IV but current name is Victory in Trafalgar in 1805th year.

11: London eye London eye is the biggest «TURN WHEEL» all over the world. It stand on the up of river Thames. His height is 135 meters. The weight of EYE is 1700 tones. It is building 6 year. His speed is 900 meters in hour (very slowly).

12: Tower of London Tower of London is the history center of city. This is the oldest building of Great Britain. It works for English monarchs. Nowadays Tower is the sculpture of museum and history.

13: Tower Bridge Tower is the famous bridge in London. It was founded in June 30 1894th year. It was built 8 years. The system of raise of bridge made a company W. G. Armstrong Mitchell. It opened prince of welsh Edward.

14: Westminster abbey It is the Gothic church in London in east of the Westminster palace. It built in rest in 1245th till 1745th year. It consists of square towers. English people suppose this church is sign in all.

15: St. Pauls Cathedral It consists of 17 bells are 13 of here in North-West and 4 in South-West. It founded was Christopher Wren. It someone from South-West Bells name the Great Paul and the Great Tom. There die are Wellington, Nelson, Flaming and very more

16: Crystal palace The crystal palace stand on the Guide-park. It was built in 1851st year. The hall of exhibition occupies 90000 of square meters. The length of hall is 564 of meter and 33 in height. It contained of here 14000 mans.

17: Museum of London It was founded in 1976th year in idea of London city corporation. It is in Barbican and next to the Barbican-center and next to the St. Pauls cathedral. It has a things of London for antiquity to XX century.

18: The UKs holidays (a tableau).

20: Holiday on every day In England has got a holiday or traditions which spend it every day. It founded duchess Anna. She made it in 1840th year when her gave a tea with milk, cookies in 17. 00 since she was in time to hungry and thirsty before supper. After this case people in England spend the holiday on every day.

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