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Nanotechnologies: potential benefits or a great danger ?

1: Nanotechnologies: potential benefits or a great danger ?

2: Objectives: To study the origin of nanotechnologies. To see the difference between normal and nanoproduct. To learn more about contribution of Perm scientists in nanotechnologies. To investigate if lyceum students know much about nano.

3: Steps from the Stone Age to the Epoch of Nanotechnology.

4: Nanotechnology is the study of phenomena and fine-tuning of materials at atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale.

5: There are some main trends in nanotechnologies today: Making nano electronic schemes

6: Design & producing nanomachines

7: Manipulation of separate atoms & molecules and making microobjects out of them (tunnel microscope, disks, DVD)

8: Nanotechnologies in Russia The State Nanocommittee in Russia was set up in 2007.

9: Since 2008 it has been headed by Anatoliy Chyubais.

10: The meeting of Russian and the UK scientists in Moscow(January16, 2009)

11: The meeting of Chinese &Russian scientists (December15, 2008)

12: From What the US can learn from the UK A new report from the British governments Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution says "new governance arrangements are necessary" to deal with the profound implications of advanced nanotechnology, and warns that this "will take time, possiblly decades, to develop and implement and we hope the US and other countries will follow the UK. — Mike Treder, The UK Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

13: Vladimir Baldin ,the chief technologist of the Perm plant «Mashinostroitel», the head of the Perm group for the construction of the Large Hadron Collider.

14: Elena Lopatina, lyceums schoolleaver, a journalist of Arguments & Facts (Prikamie), in No. 6/2009 interviewed the academition of RAN Vladimir Antsiferov(Perm Technical University)- Where Can We Use NANO?

15: Latest NANO News: The delegation of ROSNANO, headed by Anatoliy Chyubais visited PERM (11- 12 March , 2009) and discussed the questions connected with the organization of the branch of ROSNANO in PERM. The leaders in NANO in Perm krai –Perm Technological Research Institute, ZAONOVOMET, Perm Instrument Making Company.

16: Do you know what NANO is?

17: In what nanobranch would you like to invent something ?

18: Have nanotechnologies potential benefits ?

19: Nanos Pros To continue the revoluton in computer hardware To develop a new manufacturing technology in metallurgy, IT, medicine, security.

20: Cons of NANOMATERIALS Some nanomaterials proved to be toxic to human tissues and cells. Some nanomaterials can cause potential DNA mutations.

22: Jobs in nanotechnology: Latest Job Postings Research Scientist in Semiconductors Nanobioscience Mechanical Modelling Engineer Microfluidic Technologies Aerospace IT Powdery Metallurgy

23: Latest News!!!!! Alexey Shaporev, our school leaver graduated in physics from the Moscow State University with honours, works in the branch of NANO. Polina Secheiko, our school leaver of 2009, is a first year student of the department of NANO materials of the Moscow State University.

24: Nano is. . . . . . . . Knowledge about the microworld, especially based on examining, testing and proving Discovery of new properties Fun. . . . . thats why

25: «Value what you have but seek more. » Isocrates, 4th century BC

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