К уроку английского языка "Education in Japan" -

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К уроку английского языка "Education in Japan" -


2: In Japan children go to elementary school for 6 years , middle school for 3 years, high school for 3 years, and university for 4 years.

3: Kindergarten is optional and usually starts at age 3. Alternately, there is government-supervised day-care, which will also provide some preschool education.

4: A typical Japanese elementary school class has around 30 to 40 students.

5: The Japanese school year starts in April.

6: Summer vacation is about 40 days long. It generally goes from about July 20th to August 31st.

7: All Universities, most high schools, and some middle schools require entrance exams. Some schools, particularly private schools, have an "elevator system" in which students can move up without taking exams.



10: Most schools have strict rules about hair color. Only a students natural hair color is acceptable.


12: Many private schools have rules saying that students must wear their uniform at all times, on or off campus.

13: A student in uniform is a representative of the school, no "trouble-making" is tolerated. Within school hours or not, on campus or off, if a student is wearing the uniform they will be considered "in school. "

14: Students study subjects such as social studies, Japanese, math, science/technology history, healthy living, computer science, music, art , physical education, and home economics

15: Every day students have "Daily Chores" they do, including cleaning the classrooms, halls, and yards of their schools.

16: Tokyo University

17: Aoyama university

18: Katanajagi university


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