К уроку английского языка "Interrelationship among different Kinds of Art. Different Kinds Of Art Painting" -

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К уроку английского языка "Interrelationship among different Kinds of Art. Different Kinds Of Art Painting" -


2: Content Introduction Marine landscape Landscape Still life Portraits Gala portraits Conclusion





7: Portraits Portraits will bring some special appeal into your house. There are some kinds of portraits.

8: Females portrait from a photo The portrait of the woman is, undoubtedly, more than simply a picture. Qualitatively made female portrait always bewitches, radiates a certain magic force. The professional artist is capable to transmit all many-sided nature of female beauty on a canvas, to create an image most transmitting her feminity. Agree, any woman would be happy to receive such gift.

9: Mans portrait from a photo Outstanding painters of the past created portraits of emperors, great commanders and heroes. Today the portrait became more accessible and now more often you can see portraits of businessmen and politicians, or just good people.

10: Gala portrait Have you ever represented that outside is 18 centuries, you have an attire of the emperor and you think about the future of the country in the middle of a magnificent hall of an imperial palace? Or perhaps you have just returned from the ball, you have a refined dress, candles brightly light up your cozy room, and you re-read the verses devoted to you by the young poet… It is the twenty-first century outside and there are no carriages on a roadway anymore. But it is possible to realize your imaginations. The picturesque portrait written by the professional artist will transfer you to any epoch. The artist can draw your portrait in a background or clothes of any picture of the past, which you like.


12: Conclusion A portrait, as a gift, it, as a rule, is underlining of the status, achievements, respect from other people. Choose any kind of art painting and enjoy your picture for a long time. Luckily we live in the world of high technologies. It wouldnt be good not to take advantage of this truly unique opportunity. Modern web technologies give us a way to break the borders and search modern abstract art paintings all over the planet.

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