К уроку английского языка "Jamaica"

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К уроку английского языка "Jamaica"



3: Capital - Kingston. Capital - Kingston. Official languages - English. National language - Jamaican patois. Total population - 2. 7 million Population of capital - 600. 000 Area - 11. 000 sq. km


5: Сlimat The climate is tropical trade wind moist. Ordinary monthly temperature of 24-28 C. Rainfall in most parts of the island 1800-2000 mm per year in the south - about 800 mm, on the northern slopes of the Blue Mountains - up to 5000 mm. The rainy season - May-June and September-October - followed by floods driest season - January to April. Rarely are hurricanes, which cause great damage.

6: Prominent cities The most prominent city of Jamaica is Kingston - largest city

7: Attractions country From the most famous natural - Beaches Montego Bay. With cultural attractions - Rodney Memorial in Spanish Town, the Royal House (the former governors residence) and Cathedral of Saint Catherine (17th century).

8: Jamaica Public Figures Patrick Linton Allen - Jamaican politician, religious leader, the Governor-General of Jamaica from 26 February 2009. For many years, he held senior positions in organizations Seventh Day Adventist Church in Jamaica.

9: National dish of Jamaica Mannish water is a goat soup in Jamaican cuisine. It is believed to be an aphrodisiac and is made from various goat parts, sometimes including the head, brains and heart.

10: Literature and music Jamaican literature English originated 18 century focusing both classic and on prestigious Soviet literary samples metropolis. National echoes themes found in his poems and plays, T. Redkam (1870-1933), Novels HJ de Lisser (1878-1944). Outstanding poet of this period was Claude McKay (1890-1948). The rise of literature began after World War II, when they were first written social novels "Brother Man" (1954), "Black Lightning" (1955) Roger Mace story "New Day" (1949), "The Leopard" (1958) Victor Staford Reed. The most popular singer in Jamaica is Bob Marley - performer of reggae, Jamaicas first artist who was able to achieve international recognition. In his songs he talked about the difficulties and the daily struggle of the people of Jamaica, creating portraits of people oppressed and deprived, but sincere, light and inspiration that was an inexhaustible source of their strength. His talent and temperament be traced in the works of many generations of ethnic musicians. Thanks to him, sunny music of Jamaica has become an integral part of world music.

11: Architecture of Jamaica In Jamaica in colonial days XVII-XIX centuries predominant characteristic of colonial cities rectangular layout with buildings in the spirit of English architecture: the Cathedral of St. Catherine in Spanish Town (1655 ) Fortress Rokfort in Kingston (end of the 17-19 century), former home military headquarters , now the Palace of government in Kingston (18th century) . Simple folk house - wooden storey three bedroom houses with porches . Wealthy suburban homes built in the spirit of the American " colonial style ". Since the mid XX century building apartment buildings in the style of constructivism ( University of West Indies , residential neighborhood in Kingston Nennivill ) .


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