К уроку английского языка "Superstitions" -

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К уроку английского языка "Superstitions" -


2: Lets remember our superstitions . ͻ: Falling Four-leaf Walk door Horseshoe

3: Superstitions

4: What superstition is it?

5: Believe or not believe? Make up your dialogues, use the plan below: Do (dont) you believe…? What superstition…? Why…?

6: Lets have a rest! Up and down, up and down. Which is the way to London town? Where? Where? Up in the air? Close your eyes - And you are there!

7: Match the pairs Never walk Breaking a mirror Black cats are Finding a four-leaf clover We knock on wood

8: Wedding Superstitions

9: Superstition-Quiz 1. What is lucky to say on the first day of the month? Good morning White rabbits Black cats 2. What object is lucky to catch in autumn? Leaves Magpies Rabbits 3. Putting new shoes on the table brings good luck. True False

10: 4. Is Tuesday 13th considered to be unlucky? Yes, she is No, it isnt Yes, it is 5. White rabbits are considered to be. . . . . . . . Happy Lucky Unlucky

11: 6. Who mustnt meet the bride on the day of the wedding before the altar? Mother Groom Friends 7. Do bats bring good luck? Yes, they do No, it isnt No, they dont



14: Homework: Ex. 36. p. 31. (write a story about one of the superstition)

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