Скачать Indefinite article. Definite article

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Скачать Indefinite article. Definite article


2: articles Indefinite article Definite article

3: Indefinite articles a & an A is used before nouns which begin with Consonants A book, a girl, a sweet Also A is used before U and EU A university, a European city AN is used before nouns which begin with vowels An apple, an interesting film AN is used before H when the sound is silent An hour

4: A & the Mary: I bought a CD player and a TV yesterday. Fred: Was the CD player expensive? A & AN are used when we mention smth for the first time THE is used when we mention a person or a thing again

5: Special uses of A & AN We use A, AN with prices, frequency and speeds It costs a litre You should drink about 2 litres of water a day Youre driving at 90 miles an hour We use A, AN with professions Im a hairdresser; shes a doctor

6: Special uses of THe When there is only one of something The sun, the Earth, the world, the Internet etc Is she in the kitchen? Can you turn off the TV? When a singular noun (name) refers to a group The police, the government, the Browns With superlatives The best, the most interesting

7: Special uses of the With the first, the second etc A second means another, one more With adjectives that refer to groups The rich, the poor With nationalities The Chinese With musical instruments I play the violin

8: Zero article When we talk in general with uncount. nouns or with plural nouns Life was more difficult for our grandparents People are often afraid of taking risks. Common expressions: At home, in/to hospital, in/to prison, at/school, at/to university, at/to work With seasons I like summer a lot.

9: Zero article With names of meals When did you have lunch? With names of languages without the word language She knows English, BUT she knows the English language With names of months and days My Birthday is in April. I work on Monday.

10: Geographical names Geographical names are used without articles England, France, Tomsk, Moskow Words republic, union, kingdom & states are used with the definite article the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic Names of oceans, seas & rivers are used with the definite article the Pacific Ocean, the Black Sea

11: Geographical names Names of lakes without the word lake go with no article Lake Ontario OR the Ontario Names of mountain chains go with the definite article The Urals, the Alps Names of mountain peaks go with no article Elbrus, Everest

12: Geographical names Names of groups of islands are used with the definite article The Bermudas Names of singular islands are used with no article Madagascar Names of streets and squares are used without articles Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square

13: Geographical names The names of the following towns, countries & cities are used with the definite article: The Hague, the Netherlands, the West Indies, the Ruhr, the Riviera, the Crimea, the Ukraine, the Caucasus, the Congo, the Lebanon Cardinal points are used with definite article the North, the South, the West, the East BUT form East to West & from North to South

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