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Скачать Местоимения Pronouns. Личные

1: Местоимения Pronouns Личные Притяжательные Возвратные Указательные

2: Pronouns are words we use in the place of a nouninstead of nouns. The book is on the tableIt is on the table. There are subject and object pronouns. Subject pronouns are used instead of a noun functioning as a subject: The book is on the tableIt is on the table, while object pronouns are used instead of nouns functioning as an object I love my sister I love her.

3: She calls me/him/her/us/them every day. Dont look at us/me/him/her…

4: I или me? Обычно данные местоимения используются в соответствии с правилами: I в именительном падеже, me – во всех остальных. I give you a present. – Я дарю тебе подарок. You give me a present. – Ты даришь мне подарок. Однако: Its I / Its me – Это я! Первый вариант более книжный, второй – разговорный. В структурах сравнения также можно использовать и I, и me: Molly is as old as I (am)/ as old as me. Molly is older than I (am) /than me. В кратких ответах используются оба местоимения. — Who did it? — I / me! I или me после and? Оба варианта возможны, хотя выражение you and I уже устарело, Вы будете выглядеть несколько консервативным, употребляя его.

5: Who is that lady? — Why are you looking at ? Who is that lady? — Why are you looking at ? Do you know that young handsome man?-Yes, I study with . Please, listen to . I want to express my point of view. These puppies are so nice! Do you want to look at . We like this house. Were going to buy . He cant see because we are sitting in the last row. Where are the keys to our flat? I cant find . Where is Ann? I want to talk to . This snake is poisonous. Im very afraid of . Dont wait for for dinner. Ill return very late at night. He left Polotsk long ago. I havent seen since. You can fully rely on . We wont let you down.

6: Притяжательные местоимения отражают принадлежность или связь предметов. My book is black and his is yellow. Моя книга – черная, а его – желтая.

7: Виды притяжательных местоимений Они могут быть в присоединяемой (cojoint) или абсолютной (absolute) форме. !!!Присоединяемые притяжательные местоимения (my, your, his, her, our, their) всегда используются только вместе с соответствующим существительным: My cat is 5 years old. Моему коту 5 лет. абсолютные (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs) заменяют их собой: - Whose cat is it? Чья это кошка? - Mine. Моя.

8: Таблица притяжательных местоимений

9: Это интересно! Различия с русским языком Обратите внимание, что притяжательные местоимения в английском языке часто употребляются там, где в русском они отсутствуют, но подразумеваются: He put his hand into his pocket. Он засунул руку в карман.

10: Упражнение 1. Whose slippers are these? Are they … (my, mine) or … (your, yours)? – They are … (her, hers). 2. … (Our, Ours) car is cleaner than … (their, theirs). 3. Look at this girl. She is … (his, him) wife. 4. Its not … (her, hers) lipstick. … (Her, hers) is darker. 5. … (My, Mine) life, … (my, mine) rules. 6. Was … (your, yours) trip exciting? — … (My, Mine) was boring. 7. Can I use … (their, theirs) hair-drier? — … (Our, Ours) is out of order. 8. Mrs. Novak is a friend of … (his, him). 9. Sometimes she waters … (my, mine) flowers and I water … (her, hers). 10. I remember the street but I dont remember … (it, its, her, his) name.

11: Указательные местоимения в английском языке this, that, these, those Указательные местоимения служат для указания на предметы, находящиеся рядом (this, these) или на некотором расстоянии (that, those) от говорящего. Они имеют форму единственного и множественного числа This house is not mine, mine is that green cottage next to it. Этот дом – не мой, мой – вон тот зеленый коттедж рядом с ним.

12: Таблица указательных местоимений

13: Упражнение Insert the correct word. 1 This is easy. a) questions b) homework 2 These are my neighbors. a) women b) man 3 What are you doing afternoon? a) that b) this 4 These are my glasses and are hers. a) those b) that 5 We are going to the seaside summer. b) this a) that 6 man over there is a famous politician. b) These a) That

14: Упражнение (д/з) на четверг (только этот слайд) Fill in the gaps with this, that, these, those. people over there are waiting for the bus The day I first came to London was wonderful. I will remember day for ever. summer Im pretty busy. Im working as a receptionist days. Do you remember winter when we all went to Egypt? Hello! is Alan. Can I speak to Harry, please? is a new cathedral and one over there was built 900 years ago.

15: На 3 типа Jack is hungry. Bring a sandwich. Ann is ill. Take these flowers. Fred and Jane are in the country. Write a letter. I am thirsty. Bring a bottle of Coca-Cola.

16: 1. Would you like to see some of . . . latest sketches? 1. Would you like to see some of . . . latest sketches? 1. hers2. her3. she 2. He hasnt read a line of . . . . How can he criticize . . . poems? 1. your2. yours3. you 3. . . . knowledge of the subject is not much superior to . . . . 1. Theirs2. Them3. Their4. we5. ours6. our 4. Im afraid they will take . . . words against . . . . 1. your2. yours3. hers4. her 5. . . . clothes were extremely dirty, and . . . especially so. 1. our2. ours3. my4. mine

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