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Some the most interesting places in the Great Britain

1: Some the most interesting places in the Great Britain Teachers: Декатова Л. М. Самсонова Н. Н.

2: Gothic Cathedral in York.

3: The building of this great Cathedral lasted from XIII- XV centuries. We can find here all the features of the Gothic architecture.

4: Stonehenge

5: This mysterious place is in England and it was built about 4. 000 years ago. We dont know why it was built and what for. Scientists cant help us now days.

6: The famous viaduct in Scotland.

7: Scotland It was built in 1901. The express was going along it. And only rich people could be in that train and were amazing the beauty of the lands.

8: Cambridge University

9: Cambridge University It is one of the famous and the oldest universities in the world. It was founded at the beginning of the XIII century.

10: It was built in XI cetrury by William the Conquarror

11: The fortress

13: Read some more information in Wikipedia. Go to the Great Britain and have a great pleasure watching the beautiful places.

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