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Web programmer profession


2: The profession of a web programmer involves a number of necessary knowledge and skills: This specialist should know HTML, JAVA, JAVAScript, PHP, CGI, Perl. These languages are necessary for finding the site in search engines, its stylish design and creation of functional content. One wrong symbol can lead to a malfunction in the resource, which will significantly reduce attendance and sales. Programming languages allow you to accelerate the download when you go from the search engine and make a handy directory. Web-programmer can masterfully work in Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion. These are the basic programs for filling the site with content and giving it the appropriate form. Literate filling increases attendance, and, accordingly, demand. Web programmer is not only a performer, but also a developer. Usually the customer can only describe figuratively what he wants to see. The specialist, however, finds the best ways to implement ideas. To do this, he devotes a lot of time to development, research in the field of new technologies and solutions. A web programmer is also a good engineer, only in the Internet industry. Based on the needs, he is engaged in the design of the resource and makes a detailed technical assignment. It will be the starting point in the production of the site. Considering the fact that humanity has entered the era of wireless technologies and the Internet, this profession is rapidly gaining popularity and guarantees a high income.

3: In order to become a specialist in this field, one should choose one of the following specialties: Information technology security in law enforcement. Information systems and technologies on the profile: Information technologies in design. Fundamental informatics and information technologies. Mathematical support and administration of information systems. Physics and Informatics. Information systems and technologies. Any of these specialties involves learning the basic programming languages and gaining the skills of working on the Internet.

4: The work of the web programmer is filled with a number of constant processes: Communication with the customer. The given expert should as precisely as possible understand all needs and wishes of the client. In this case, it is important not to miss a single nuance, because the slightest error will lead to refinements, which take a lot of time and are not paid. Creation of technical specifications. On its basis, and will write a website for the customer. The more detailed and more precisely it is composed, the more saturated and functional the resource will be. The process of creating a website. To do this, the expert uses programming languages and creates a future resource that is relevant to search engines and potential customers. Development of new programs and technologies. Web programming is a constant search for excellence. Everything new is well and profitable for sale.

5: Relevance

6: How many people are working for this profession? The salary of a web programmer depends on a number of factors: region of activity; number of projects; experience and skills. They form the sum of the monthly income. On average, these specialists receive 25-40 thousand rubles a month. These are the minimum official figures.

7: Is it easy to get a job

8: Pros and cons of the profession Pros: demand in the labor market; creative work, because each task is unique, and to solve it there are several ways; the possibility of combining with study; a diploma is not always required; the opportunity to become an expert at a young age; freedom in decision-making (how to solve this or that problem is solved by the web programmer himself); the possibility of remote work.

9: Prospects The profession of a web programmer is one of the most promising these days. It opens the possibility of building an excellent career. Seriously working and successfully handing over large projects, you can become the head of information technology department or the IT director. Web programmers quite often work as freelancers and do not depend on anyone. Thus, the income substantially increases. This specialty is an excellent platform for opening your own business on the Internet. Foreign companies value our specialists. This is due to the high level of intelligence and work capacity. A web programmer can work remotely on Western enterprises, getting good returns for their work.

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